Where’s my permit?

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2009 at 11:16 am

Handgun owners and the Second Amendment Foundation sued the District of Columbia this past week, challenging current laws that “although D.C. requires “a permit to carry a handgun in public,” it regularly refuses “to issue such permits and refuses” to allow the possession of any handgun that would be carried in public.” (SCOTUS blog)real women

Previously, the D.C. law was overturned by SCOTUS, which then allowed residents to own firearms within their own homes. The lawsuit seeks to allow residents to carry firearms to protect themselves.

This is a further challenge to the totalitarian D.C. handgun laws and is a step in the direction of getting firearms back in the hands of citizens to protect themselves.

One of the defendants is trying obtain a permit because he has, in the past and successfully, warded off a “gang of men chasing him, uttering death threats and anti-gay insults.” (para 5., p 24) This will be interesting to see if the pro-gay movement will pick up on it and join forces with Conservatives who want to protect the right of EVERY person to own and carry a gun across the U.S.

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