Reality check scam

In #TCOT, National Health Care, Obamacare, The Mob on August 10, 2009 at 3:04 pm

OK.. so..the new Realty Check website (a.k.a. state propaganda website) has been launched by the Obama administration to give help to Acorn, and other groups who will promote his idea of nationalized-socialized-health care.

I find this interesting…images

“We’re offering the site and tools to empower individuals across the country to take this content into their own hands and share it among their networks,” a senior administration official said.  (FOX news)

So.. when the Democrats/Socialcrats take content into their own hands, it’s called ’empowerment’.

But.. when Republicans/Conservatives take content into their own hands (i.e. READING the BILL) it’s called “Mob” activity.

Funny comparison, when you think of it, really. The Acorn-nuts can’t do the job on their own, so they turn to the White House to get them to put up a website with dis-information and get left-wing-nuts to fund sign-making. They turn to union-thuggery and bus people to rallies to manufacture local support.

The Conservatives pulled themselves up by their own boot-straps and decided to go read the bill from Congress and make their own signs. They drive themselves to rallies in their own neighborhood.  They depend on no other government organization to back them up. No one is footing their bill.  They use grass roots organization skills and are called Astroturfers. And they are called terrorists.

Here’s the reality check..it’s a scam. I bet most of the Obamacare – who hold up signs haven’t read the bill any more than their congressmen did before they rubber stamped it.

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