For the love of the game..

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2009 at 11:11 pm

Today my daughter stood at the top of a grassy hill overlooking fields of football players, much like she has done every summer at this time since she was born, all 8 years ago. The sun glistened and the wind blew ever-so-slightly. She stood until a thought came to her, then looked back towards me to see if I was still there.

We had just come from the car where we discussed the possibility. She finalized her thoughts about actually going out onto the field.  She had been brewing this day up in her mind, unbeknownst to me, for some time now.  She said she had been doing a lot of thinking. And watching.


(I never thought she was seriously considering it. After all, girls don’t play football….. But, I didn’t know any words to tell her she couldn’t. The odds are with her…three older brothers…. keeps up with them on bicycles…. skateboards… baseball… We watch every game available… She expected she was going to keep up with them in football, too. Who was I to tell her she couldn’t?)

She said she was going to walk out on that hill and see what she decided to do. And that is just what she did.

Two steadfast minutes went by and I watched her pan the field. And wait. Her arms were by her sides, hands stretched and aimed down.

(There’s no end-goal to kids-league football as far as dollar signs go …not for most players, ever, in any sport. But that isn’t why we encourage our children to play. And something tells me my daughter knows that. She just knows they have a great time and don’t stop talking about it until baseball season. And they are tough.)

With a quick point to her brothers, she bounce-stepped up, just once, and ran down the hill with the biggest dose of enthusiasm any player in any sport could ever ask for. She knew I would be there, cheering her on for whatever she chose to do.

I guess she made up her mind. Tomorrow she gets her jersey.


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