Colts are like my students who f-ailed

In Colts, Students who fail on December 27, 2009 at 10:03 pm

Today, as I watched the Indianapolis Colts play football, I realized they were like my students who F-ailed. They didn’t fail for lack of trying, rather, the coaching staff made a decision to stop the possibility of winning.  On the verge of a perfect season…on the verge of fulfilling a fan’s greatest dream…they looked like losers. I could hear the collective let-down and frustration of the fans across the state when they went 14-1.

Out of 125 students this semester,  I had a handful of students who failed because they stopped attending. They earned a different type of F-ailure, and for the first time our college will designate that on a transcript . Their financial aid will be impacted.

There were countless reasons why the students I had stopped showing up. They sometimes would tell me what happened–car problems, jail, too much on their plate. Sometimes they were just there to collect the financial-aid refund check and never come back.  Most of the time they were just too ashamed, I supposed, to come back after having been gone. They didn’t play to win. Something in their management team said it wasn’t important to pass the class–to win.

My heart went out to the few students who failed my class this semester. It wasn’t for lack of trying.  They showed up for every class, they did their homework, they came for extra help…but something just didn’t click. And for that I admire them.

If the Colts had lost a hard-fought battle, the fans would have forgiven them.  Instead, the coaching staff put in a 3rd string quarterback when the team was behind. They began pulling their starters out, shortly thereafter. They never had a chance of winning once they decided to give up.

Oh, sure, some will say it was to ‘save’ the other players..to rest them for the upcoming playoffs… but the only thing the fans saw, was f-ailure.

When people give up, they f-ail to win. It’s more than failure.

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