Why did I fail?

In Students who fail on December 29, 2009 at 1:47 pm

“Why did I fail?”

Seldom do I get a question like this, but tecently I received an email from a student who didn’t understand her failing grade. With 6 tests she flunked compiled with the amount of homework incomplete  and her sporadic attendance record–she didn’t have a plan to win.  There were no priorities to pass the class.

Now, this is not a typical 18-year old without much worldly-experience…this is a 60 year-0ld woman who has been in college for a couple of years, and coincidentally failed the same class twice before.

She wants to be a psychologist. So far, she has no winning plan to get there.

I work with adults, anywhere from the age of 18 to 70. They come from a very diverse pool of socioeconomic backgrounds and an even larger pool of life experiences. There is no rhyme or reason, so far,  as to those students who pass other than effort and a plan to win.

I tell each one of them during the first week of class that I will do everything I can to teach them, but it is up to them to learn it.  My success rate is very high with students who try. Obviously, as I stated, trying isn’t enough, but without commitment to reach a goal…it will be unattainable.

I had a golf coach once, in high school,  tell me that the ball will never go in the hole unless you get it there.  I stopped my trepidation  of overshooting, and gave the ball a chance to reach the hole.  My putting game picked up dramatically.

I have a plan for next year to take my children on a family vacation. I need to start that Savings account now.  Planning to win. Not failing to plan.

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