The affair with Bob Thomas.

In #TCOT, Mark Souder, The Mob on May 2, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Come now the Voter. end affair

In Indiana’s 3rd congressional district there is still unemployment, a sagging economy, and angst against government.

They are having a tough time at work. Maybe their lawnmower broke again. Maybe they can’t fill up their tank again until payday. They just got yelled at, again, for leaving their socks on the floor.

A little ‘boost’ to their ego seems to be the ticket out of their duldrum. Maybe this is everything they have ever wanted?

And the affair begins.

A friendly glance comes their way. A shiny smile…. A glance from the (awkwardly true) used car salesman, Bob Thomas. He drives a nice car, after all, his collector cars alone total almost 50. He has a big $3.4 million house (albeit in Indianapolis). He promises the world. He looks like just the man for the ticket. He agrees with you that you deserve everything you want.

Afterall, he looks like everything you have ever wanted. He says all the right things. He will spend his money and make you feel like you are the center of the world.

Then you take him home to Mother on election day. He dances about Israel awkwardly, has nothing to talk about because he doesn’t know who is the local rotary, and has to dash off to a mysterious meeting in Indianapolis.

You wait with baited breath for signs he will come back and have those picnics he promised and kiss babies at the local fair.

You can’t get ahold of him for days, weeks, months–he has a life somewhere else, but you always knew that.

You realize you are traveling to some other town just to get a glimpse at him during a town hall meeting. You know he won’t be at your church Sunday morning.

When the reality sets in, what you wanted, isn’t what you thought it was worth.

What usually comes of an affair? The shine wears off. You discover what happens when they take the make up off. You realize everyone leaves socks on the floor.

Go back home to what you know. Maybe he isn’t perfect. But he will be there when you ask to be. He will be at church on Sunday morning, and you can always find him at the picnic. He is from your town.

The grass will always be greener over Bob Thomas’ septic tank.

  1. I don’t know Prof, while that’s a lovely post, sometimes an affair (albeit long distance) is necessary as a “bridge” of sorts, maybe to spur a local on to run for congress next time around.

    Having a congressman living outside the district isn’t ideal, but it’s not exactly a horse & buggy-pony express world anymore. While Bob’s house is in Indy, his paycheck (lifeblood if you will) has been in Ft Wayne for 30 years. I know the guy, so I’m a little biased, but I’ll take a flier on an out of towner in a heart beat if it will break this back-asswards mindset of “bringing the $$$ back to Hoosiers”…The system is backwards. From all 50 states gazillions flow into washington and all our representatives do is spend half their term attaching pork “riders’ to get some pet project funded back home, the other half campaigning.

    I don’t want my congressman on that mouse’s wheel. Mark is a nice guy and I’ve voted for him many many times, but it’s time for new blood.

  2. Tim,

    Wouldn’t there be better fish to catch? Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

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