These are the writings of a Conservative Professor stuck in Liberal totality.

Too often, in higher education the voices of liberals overwhelm common sensibilities that students are brought up with from their own parents and family.  We hear of dogma from academia and believe it to be right–because, of course, they are educated..they must know better.

I grew up in a Union and veteran household (my father). I grew up in a Ph.D. educated household (my mother). I truly believe I understand the politics, the demography, and the feelings of the left-wing.

Two college degrees later I am convinced its brainwashing by the Left. There is little rooted in Liberal dogma other than emotion. Let me tell ya, emotion won’t get you a job or a house or a career or a family. There has to be more input into college student’s education from right-winged Theologians or our society will be sunk. We will be come socialist.

Looked what happened in the election of Barack Obama.. emotions won over substance. And look where we are now.. on the brink of Socialism.

I am bound-and-determined to not let that happen. Not in my classroom.

I live in Northern Indiana and raise my children to keep close contact with their father. I teach them to question their teacher’s dogma, both in and out of the classroom, respectfully. My students should expect the same.

  1. Thanks for serving in the trenches Professor. You are an island to your students who at this point in their lives, just don’t know it.
    Students are often full of liberal ideals, but come around with a little critical thinking.
    I’ve thought about joining you, but need my current earnings to pay for my kids med school. Seems a retired military, small business owner, engineer is a rich guy in today’s PC environment.
    Grew up with union parent and family members and never bought the class warfare they espoused.

  2. I admire your standing by your principles and no being drawn into the liberal dogma. It is sad that our children are being indoctrinated as well as taught. It is extending from the university level to high schools and elementary schools.

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