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Bayh Me A New Congressman

In #TCOT, Bayh, Job Fair, Job loss, Marlin Stutzman, National Health Care, Obamacare, The Mob on August 14, 2009 at 10:50 am

“Today is all about the people who are trying to get work,” Bayh said…..

Then why didn’t you go talk with them? Why won’t you hold meetings with them? images

Evan Bayh has decided he doesn’t need his constituents. Maybe that isn’t news to some, but he had two opportunities this week to connect with them. And he blew it.

This week he was ‘at’ (meaning within proximity) to a job fair in Fort Wayne, IN. It’s an annual event with his name attached to it. He decided he didn’t need to BE at the event, really…just hold a conference in another building near by..with media and a few ‘dignitaries’ present.

I have been to that job fair before as a reporter and as a job seeker and as a student. Each year he was in a room above the main floor, then came down to glad-hand and smile for the cameras. He had walked through the crowds and encouraged people.

I guess he had enough of his constituents for one year. He isn’t even holding town-meetings..”But right now, I feel like I’m getting a healthy dose of a wide variety of opinions across the spectrum.” (WANE) Even though, in the same interview he says it would make sense.

I had a glimmer of hope earlier in the week when Bayh put his name on a letter to Obama regarding Cap and Tax and protecting American companies. I was obviously wrong. He was only thinking of his re-election campaign at that point in time and having his name attached to the ‘complaint’ would look good in election-garbed commercials.

Marlin Stutzman is looking better and better every day, even without trying.