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Three Poles walk into a bar

In #TCOT, Bayh, Dan Coats, Evan Bayh, John Hostetler, Marlin Stutzman, Phil Troyer on February 11, 2010 at 7:37 pm

Evan Bayh,  Marlin Stutzman and John Hostetler walk into a bar.

They belly-up and the first one says, “I’m Marlin Stutzman and I’m running for Senate, give me a drink.”

The second one says “”I’m John Hostettler and I’m running for Senate, give me a drink”

The third one says “Hmm.. I’m Dan coats and people tell me that sounds like a good idea. Me, too.”

In the next seat was the RNSC representative. “Great, so it’s official!”

Challengers to Souder are on the wrong side

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DistractionIndiana’s Mark Souder’s next 6 months just got muddier at the expense of the Republican name. At a time when the party should be trying to unseat Democrats, rogue wing-nuts are targeting the wrong side.

Two candidates for the Third District have filed to challenge Souder in the Spring primary: Phil Troyer and Rachel Grubb. They bring nothing to the party, except controversy and distraction.

I would think challengers to an incumbent Republican would have major issues with the sitting Representative, but instead they seek glory for themselves with little footing.

Troyer,  a leftover from a failed run from the 4th district in 1992, works as an attorney in an investment firm. He has aligned himself with candidates from other failed runs and ultra-religious fringe groups with the likes of Hawks, Kelty-ites, and Ron Paulies–purely non-cohesive splinter groups with the goal of controversy, not progress.

Troyer has come out complaining about Mr. Souder’s voting record of spending…If you look closer at most of Troyer’s complaints (Troyer said Souder has voted to increase spending 50 times in the past three years?) , they surround votes encouraging funding for business incubators and supporting small businesses.  So, Mr. Troyer, you wouldn’t support those goals? Ya, that’s the kind of Republican we want in Congress.

Grubb, who admits she spent most of her life in Hicksville, Ohio, lacks any experience by her own admission and only is running to upset an incumbent.

Troyer and Grubb are misguided in their efforts. If they seriously wanted to help change the course of the country they would be aiming for the Democratic Congress and Senate who have shoved everyone off the cliff in the name of Socialism.

Taking down the Republican incumbent in any district where a solid Conservative record has legitimate footing is the wrong direction.

Congressional Quarterly reports Souder is among four House Republicans likely to face primary opponents drawing strength from the “tea party” movement and its fervent opposition to anything that might trigger higher taxes or bigger government. Just whose side are the challengers on?