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Honor Life, Not Kennedy

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The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein challenges the American public to honor the late Sen.images (1) Kennedy’s life by passing the outrageous healthcare plan.

That’s rather ironic, seeing as how the bill and Ted Kennedy didn’t honor the very basis of life by promoting tax-payer funded abortions and legalizing slaughter.

Klein writes:

“.. he belonged to the party of Medicare and Medicaid, the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Civil Rights Act and immigration reform. He belonged to the party that sought to advance the conditions and opportunities of the least among us. He was, as columnist Harold Meyerson says, “the senior senator from Massachusetts and for all the excluded in American life.”

What about the life of the unborn child? He and the Democrats have worked tirelessly to dishonor life and have abortion not only legalized but praised.

Klein further writes we should pass the Obamacare bill because it would honor Kennedy:

“Those who would use Kennedy’s absence to explain their failure do terrible injury to his legacy. The cause of Kennedy’s life was not, after all, praise or compliments. It was, as he said, to “guarantee that every American … will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not just a privilege.” That dream will never die. But by being realized, it can finally rest in peace.

Why does the world need to worry about him resting in peace? That was his job, to live his life and face his maker. We can not possibly do anything to help him.

The Vatican, yesterday, reminded the world of his stance:

“The liberal senator “was constantly in the front line battles such as the protection of immigrants, gun control, (and) minimum wage for the poorest.”

“But unfortunately there were positions in his part in favour of abortion,”

(report in the Vatican’s offical newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano)

Good for you, supporters of Ted Kennedy because you have some emotion to propel you for a few weeks. BUT….If you are going to honor life, honor all of life.

Are you too Conservative?

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Well pardon me, but I must be. I am too Conservative for Planned Parenthood.


And I am glad.

They suggest we raise the bar on sexuality teaching in schools. I argue the bar that should be raised is to exclude their nonsense.

Our children will face indoctrination by Planned Parenthood, if we let it. Their comprehensive sex ed program, getrealindiana.org,  is poised to be taught in schools. In fact, the so-called ‘Educator’, Judy Harris, from Planned Parenthood, attempts to tie our beliefs in Math and English to get us onboard and support teaching more about sexual options in an August 14 editorial for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

“Imagine what would happen if there were no criteria for teaching math and English, if it were left up to teachers and parents to offer only what they felt comfortable or qualified to discuss. What if the discussion of math and English consisted of a one-time “talk ” – how prepared would our youth be to navigate their lives? Even though they would experience constant exposure to numbers and words in their daily living, how adequately equipped would they be for functioning as adults?

That’s funny. Last time I checked, we have standards for Math, English, and everything else that is taught in our schools. There is a reason Religion is not taught in our schools, and there is a reason sexuality is limitedly taught in our schools.

We would not argue with comma placement. We would not argue with Mathematical functions. We do not even argue (much) about Biology. But we DO argue with the idea that sexuality before marriage is what we should be teaching.

She continues:

It is time our schools adopt a standardized comprehensive sexuality education curriculum that is age-appropriate and medically factual; one that confronts all aspects of human sexuality and helps young people gain a true understanding of what it means to be a sexual being vs. a sexualized consumer of ideas and behaviors.

Comprehensive sexuality education is available. Is Fort Wayne too conservative to make it a reality?

I believe it is time to say we are Conservative and be proud. This is not the job of the government, to teach morality. And it just won’t work.

Lisa Everett, co-director of the Office of Family Life for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, write a counter piece 2 weeks later to emphasize the misdirection of Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood and others who advocate for “comprehensive” sexuality education claim that providing information about contraception to teens will reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. But Planned Parenthood has known for decades that teens who learn about contraception in school are significantly more likely to become sexually active.

Back in 1987, a survey conducted for Planned Parenthood by Louis Harris found that the rate of sexual activity among teens who took a “comprehensive” sexuality education course was more than one-third higher than among teens who either had no sex education in school or who had taken a course that taught about reproduction but left out the promotion of contraception.

We can find study after study to back up this claim. Furthermore Ms. Everett writes:

But the most significant problem with promoting contraception among teens is that it ignores the emotional and spiritual dimensions of sex. Recent research in the field of biochemistry has shown clearly that chemicals released during sexual activity, such as oxytocin and vasopressin, permanently alter body chemistry and promote strong emotional bonding between the partners.

We, as Conservatives, have been criticized for ‘not living in the real world’.. but she makes another crucial point regarding how we treat our children:

But in the real world, teens tend to live up to our expectations if we raise the bar high, and they tend to live down to our expectations if we lower that bar.

Surely in this most important area of education in sexuality, our teens deserve parents and teachers who raise the bar high and help them to reach it.

We are expected to raise the bar in Math, Science, and Technology. Why not this?