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Jail me, I’m uninsured

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Ready for the cuffs?!


Hitler put the unemployed ‘asocial’ in camps..the first one being Dachau. He was hailed for his economic ‘recovery’. Suddenly the unemployed couldn’t be found. His party began gaining seats in government.

Flash Forward to 2009.

The number of unemployed goes up and down, now looking at 10.2%… The House of Representatives and the President agree it’s a good idea to jail those people who don’t comply with buying into a government program.

Already the unemployed and under-employed are forced to undergo testing and mandatory classes.

‘Re-education’, they call it.

Socialism, I call it.

For the love of the game..

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Today my daughter stood at the top of a grassy hill overlooking fields of football players, much like she has done every summer at this time since she was born, all 8 years ago. The sun glistened and the wind blew ever-so-slightly. She stood until a thought came to her, then looked back towards me to see if I was still there.

We had just come from the car where we discussed the possibility. She finalized her thoughts about actually going out onto the field.  She had been brewing this day up in her mind, unbeknownst to me, for some time now.  She said she had been doing a lot of thinking. And watching.


(I never thought she was seriously considering it. After all, girls don’t play football….. But, I didn’t know any words to tell her she couldn’t. The odds are with her…three older brothers…. keeps up with them on bicycles…. skateboards… baseball… We watch every game available… She expected she was going to keep up with them in football, too. Who was I to tell her she couldn’t?)

She said she was going to walk out on that hill and see what she decided to do. And that is just what she did.

Two steadfast minutes went by and I watched her pan the field. And wait. Her arms were by her sides, hands stretched and aimed down.

(There’s no end-goal to kids-league football as far as dollar signs go …not for most players, ever, in any sport. But that isn’t why we encourage our children to play. And something tells me my daughter knows that. She just knows they have a great time and don’t stop talking about it until baseball season. And they are tough.)

With a quick point to her brothers, she bounce-stepped up, just once, and ran down the hill with the biggest dose of enthusiasm any player in any sport could ever ask for. She knew I would be there, cheering her on for whatever she chose to do.

I guess she made up her mind. Tomorrow she gets her jersey.

Be A Patient First

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The Patient’s First Project:


q215821915385_8689Americans value their freedoms. In the current health care battle, those freedoms are under attack. If politiciansand Washington bureaucrats get their way – a government takeover of your health care – then we will lose the freedom to choose our doctors, what type of care we want and the insurance plans we choose. Nothing is more important than your family’s health. That is why we started the Patients First project. We believe you are most qualified to make the health care decisions that affect you and your family. We believe when you or a family member is sick, you should be able to get care quickly – not months or years later. And we believe your medical privacy is paramount. Don’t let Washington bureaucrats come between you and your doctor. Join us today on our Indiana bus tour to protect the right to choose your doctor, your care and to protect your privacy. Tell Washington to keep their “Hands Off My Healthcare!”


August 17:

SPEAKERS: State Representative Dr. Tim Brown, Ryan McCann (IFI Action)

Ft Wayne 9:00am EST- Old Kay’s Merchandising Building (663 W Coliseum Blvd)

South Bend 1:15pm EST- Precision Transmission (902 S Michigan St)

LaPorte 2:30pm CST- LaPorte County Courthouse (813 Lincolnway)

Kokomo 7:00pm EST- Foster Park (SW corner of W Superior and Washington)

August 18:

SPEAKERS: State Representative Jackie Walorski, Ryan McCann (IFI Action), State Treasurer Richard Mourdock (Indianapolis only)

Indianapolis 9:00am EST  (We’ll have a HOT AIR BALLOON at this one!) White River State Park Columbus

Bloomington 2:00pm EST- Bartholomew County Courthouse (234 Washington St)

Monroe County Courthouse 4:30pm EST- (301 N College Ave)

August 19:

Terre Haute 8:30am EST  – Terre Haute Airport (581 S Airport St)

Vincennes 11:00am EST  – Knox County Courthouse (111 N 7th St)

Evansville 12:30pm CST  – Auction Express at 815 John St.

Jeffersonville 5:45pm EST- Warder Park (Court Ave and Spring St)

Democrat protectionists?

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capandtaxThis past week, 10 Senators, including Indiana’s Evan Bayh, sent a letter to Obama declaring they would not support a Climate Change bill that hurt American manufacturers. Apparently Obama has the authority in the bill that would allow him to  enact  “border adjustments,” tariffs, on goods from countries that do not agree to an international program for carbon dioxide reductions.

From the NYT: The House bill gives the president the power to impose such penalties on goods from countries that do not adhere to an international climate change regime.

And Obama said any tarrifs that may come of the bill would be seen as Protectionist, the article went on to say….

…. ya? If you don’t protect the United States, then what are you doing in the White House?

The bill that passed the House was ludicrous. Hopefully the Senators will back up their bark with bite.

Where’s my permit?

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Handgun owners and the Second Amendment Foundation sued the District of Columbia this past week, challenging current laws that “although D.C. requires “a permit to carry a handgun in public,” it regularly refuses “to issue such permits and refuses” to allow the possession of any handgun that would be carried in public.” (SCOTUS blog)real women

Previously, the D.C. law was overturned by SCOTUS, which then allowed residents to own firearms within their own homes. The lawsuit seeks to allow residents to carry firearms to protect themselves.

This is a further challenge to the totalitarian D.C. handgun laws and is a step in the direction of getting firearms back in the hands of citizens to protect themselves.

One of the defendants is trying obtain a permit because he has, in the past and successfully, warded off a “gang of men chasing him, uttering death threats and anti-gay insults.” (para 5., p 24) This will be interesting to see if the pro-gay movement will pick up on it and join forces with Conservatives who want to protect the right of EVERY person to own and carry a gun across the U.S.