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Our Gangrene Government

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How did it get this bad?

Festering disease catches up with you. Whether it be  in a relationship, your own health, or budget deficits–if you don’t pay attention to the problem you end up with gangrene.

Governmental waste and the habit of ignoring problems have become too typical of  governmental leadership by unqualified, hyped-politicians who were elected because of momentum and not because of substance. We are now seeing the effects of allowing overspending to maturate.

In today’s New York Times article , discussing the Kansas City School system’s decision to close over 2 dozen schools, they cite the growing problem of ignoring the money issue in government:

The sudden move suggests a depth of dysfunction here that is rarely associated with Kansas City, a lively heartland town with a reputation for order. But a closer look at the school board’s recent history reveals a chaotic, almost nonfunctioning body that put off making tough choices and even routine improvements for generations. Experts said that in the board’s years of inaction is a cautionary tale for school districts everywhere.

Where is government oversight? With the people. It should have been. It should be.

“This is extraordinary,” said Jack Jennings, president of the Center on Education Policy, a research group in Washington. “The school board was dysfunctional for years. There was very poor governance for a long period of time, and it was like a revolving door with superintendents.”

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, just a couple of schools face this dilemma. Elmhurst High School in Fort Wayne facing closure due to budgetary constraints on the district.  With all of it’s failings, at least the Fort Wayne Community Schools is addressing a problem before more than a couple have to be dismantled.

Detroit’s blight can be blamed on the same disease…Gangrene Government.

How do you fix gangrene?

Urgent evaluation and treatment. In general, dead tissue should be removed to allow healing of the surrounding living tissue and prevent further infection. Depending on the area that has the gangrene, the person’s overall condition, and the cause of the gangrene, treatment may include:

  • Amputating the body part that has gangrene (get rid of the board responsible for overspending)
  • An emergency operation to find and remove dead tissue (budget cuts)
  • An operation to improve blood supply to the area (new plan of action)
  • Repeated operations to remove dead tissue (debridement) (don’t let go of the problem)
  • Treatment in the intensive care unit (for severely ill patients) (prosecute)

This is one disease Indiana State Government is not in danger of having, so long as they stay fiscally conservative and continue with attention to details of the budget constraints. The Democrats in Washington should pay attention to our scenario instead of coming up with more massive gangrene spending.


Shake-up in race for money

In Dr. Tony Bennett, Education, Government Waste, Public Schools on January 12, 2010 at 9:54 pm

The latest news regarding a shake-up in Fort Wayne Community Schools must have the teacher’s unions scrambling for a response.

Without a press release on the website of FWCS, news leaked out that personnel in 11 schools within the city’s system would have to reapply for their jobs. All this with hopes of gaining money in a new competition labeled “Race to the Top“. Word is that no more than 50 percent of the staff can remain at the same building..coming from the State Department of Education. Of course, district officials will contest.

Years ago this was known as a shake-down. If schools didn’t improve their test-scores, the State of Indiana held over their heads that they could come in and take over a school. Â Somehow, like the threat of taking a teenager’s car keys away, this kept some schools in line.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is a grand idea. The problem lies within the unions who have long fought for tenure-without-regard-to-performance just to keep teachers because they had stayed on the job.

I can see the unions fighting to keep the teachers in jobs. They perpetuate the entitlement atmosphere.

I teach in a college where evaluations are EVERYTHING. Â If my students are upset and I have a high incidence of students who fail, I will lose my job. This is no different than in most workplaces. If you don’t get a job done, they find someone who will.

One good thing Wendy Robinson finally said was “there is no option not to do nothing” (no credit to her English teacher, by the way).

My prediction is this will be short-lived, just to meet a January deadline. I hope I am wrong and the students will benefit by getting fresh ideas, fresh blood, and people in positions who truly care AND GET RESULTS.

Obviously, something has to change.